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· SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :
is a highly skilled Technical Art of building exceptionally Engineered constructs, consisting of these key components

· A beautiful Well Messaged Website that emotionally and informatively syncs with your broader market

· On-Site Technical SEO :
a Website that is optimized for Rankings and Ranking Relevances related to your market and Location

· Off-Site Assets :
Social Media - Local Citation Listings - backlink structure - All completed with a significantly high order of technical alignment as well as be visually inviting with the graphics as well as The Message that Matters to support conversion.

· Beautifully Designed and Engineered Constructs;
The Art of melding Graphic Design, Content, a Responsive Core that beautifully executes the image, Navigation, Content Delivery transitions between Roughly 60 different Screen Sizes , Screen types and different interfaces, click and touch..

· Local SEO :
This primarily is a technical alignment of asset with enough strength and content relevance as a group to rank in the maps section, which only displays the top 3...

The Overall Keys are in a properly Engineered, and matched to market, Construct of Website, Social Media, Maps created and integrations to focus GEO importance, Local Directories, Backlinks, Social Media interactivity.

· Organic SEO :
The search results that start Below the Local SEO Maps section and continue for many pages,

This is a blend of National, Regional, and Local /Content market relevance, which what is needed to rank in this sections being somewhat different than that for Maps, A Key is in blending the two so that all is synchronous.


it is very much about a precisely engineered website to meed all technical elements, to meet all criteria and to speak to the engines like they want to be.... Semantically.. This was recommended back in 2011 by a prominent employee of Google. as well as many other technical factors which more can be seen on our Web-Site Design Page


SO... if you are in Palm Beach County, have a business that is in a moderate density of competitors, then we have to out engineered and overpower the competitors to earn the top positions. Which on Average, most businesses in West Palm Beach, FL have approximately 100 or more competitors which means we need to be in the Top .3% Strongest of all players in your market share, of which Case Study Can show that we have Won These positions many times by Exceptionally engineered builds utilizing advance proprietary techniques that interlink of all of your off site assets, creating result not just in exceptional Strength for creating rankings but because of the way the assets are inter correlated the time to market is cut down significantly.


It is critical for any successful Internet marketing campaign. 
and necessary for your business website To have Technical SEO
as well as Local Profiles in Sync to be on
Top of the major search engines
like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others. 
Now ...
When you are interested,
We would be happy to look at what you have or need
and give you a free consultation to let you know where you are
and what needs to be done to achieve your Goals.

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Local VS PPC ....
According to Search Engine Watch
Organic Search Drives 51% of Traffic to Websites [Study]
Paid Search is only approximately 10%
Meaning that even a great campaign of PPC
and you still only statistically reach 10%
of the overall market,
while organic search if positions that are earned
can yield over 50%.
Click above for Article.

In our SEO packages, we first do thorough analysis of your current SEO status as well as a detailed analysis of your competitors.  Once completed, we do keyword research to find out what your prospects actually are typing into the search engines to find the products and services you offer, to Calculate and present findings that support available traffic in your market and what positions are needed to achieve the desired goals.


SEO Architech offers you a true full range of SEO services to make your Internet marketing campaign a strong success for your business.  Whether you require the full range services package to take care of every part of your online campaign, or just help in one particular area of focus, SEO Architech stands by to deliver the results you want.

· Complete technical audits of your current Website and SEO status

· Thorough Competition Analysis of Website, off site local directories, back link and research for current Rankings as seen by Google

We can discuss in detail after Analysis

and for Clients,

· Keyword Research

· Response Generating Web Designs

· Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

· Directory Listings, and Social Media Development and Setup

· Setup various High PR (page rank) Supporting Profiles and Links

· Conversion Marketing Strategically and Implementation

· Monthly Reporting and Analysis

· Social Media Integration and Training or Management

· Reputation Monitoring and Management

· Migration Planning and Documented Technical Updates to ensure smooth transitions

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Staying current, accurate, and consistent in an SEO friendly way with Social Media sites is essential, Which we have found the best overall results have been achieved by Having an SEO Engineer Design and build the Baseline, Setup all the Accounts, interlink them, Align for Keywords and Content relevant shares with hashtags, and then Train one of your team on what matters technically with social media interaction to support added strength from interaction as well as simplicity of engagement to lower time needed to manage.


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Reputation Management

Let’s face it, bad reviews posted on the world-wide web can’t be good for any business.  Furthermore, studies have shown an unhappy customer is much more likely to post a bad review than 13 happy customers will 13:1, it’s just human nature.

We do Offer Reputation Management and Reporting subscription to be aware of reviews being left so it becomes simple and timely to stay on top of and manage interactivity.. also with the positive of public interaction with happy clients.

It’s important to promote the posting of happy reviews from your customers
and properly address the unhappy reviews. 
Interested in knowing more about improving your online reputation?


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on what it will take to engineer for you a custom, response generating
Internet Marketing/SEO strategy to create the results you want. 

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