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SEOArchitech can think of no better marketing investment than a well designed website Co-aligned with an exceptional SEO or Local SEO construct.  A well designed website is one that helps achieve the Internet marketing objectives as intended, whether it’s to produce more phone calls from qualified leads, increase requests for information from potential buyers, or to engage in direct e-commerce with customers.

Of course, all websites today need to be highly responsive to whatever device (desktop, mobile, notebook, etc.) the prospects are using to view the client’s site.  Our designed sites are always highly responsive to all devices.
We recognize the requirement to make all sites user friendly for its visitors in order to create a positive impression for the client’s business. 

The layout of the site facilitates meeting the marketing objectives by making it compelling to visitors to take the action desired by the client.  The sites incorporate all the information the client wants to convey to the visitor.  Also, the website’s design elements reflect's the brand image of the client’s business to maintain consistency in its public image.
Obviously all website design must incorporate SEO friendly features throughout in order to be truly effective in reaching the Projects’ prospects.


Responsive Website Design

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By creating Websites precisely engineered with the end result you want with your Internet marketing campaign. In Mind When designing,  For example, many sites for local businesses are engineered for the sole purpose of increasing phone calls from qualified prospects. Which in many cases a well designed one pages site with 5-7 major elements

can do an exceptional job at this and being one page makes it more straight forward to rank for a narrow range of keywords.. example: A local car insurance agent or a Doctors office, the bulk of the money traffic comes in with 10 or less strongly ranked positions which brings in most cases 70% of the maximum market share that exists.. and ...

with a website that is simply and precisely engineered which speaks to the search engines precisely to maximize site relevance and Ranking strength of overall construct, Website, Directories, Social Media, Professional an or Editorial Profile's Etc...

To achieve this aim the site must be responsive to all devices from desktops to notebooks to, of course, mobile phones. and have a clever and effective mobile user interface to bring interaction to be a simple and available as possible,

Like having phone number and links to call, Text, Email, socially interact etc.. the more engaged you clients may be with you, and...  As of November 2016, 51.3% according to Stats Counter of all Internet users search with their mobile phones ONLY!  If your site doesn’t look right, and interact well on the mobile phone, you will not get the call.

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Your website must convey the style and image that is consistent with your business. All businesses have a unique style and image and your website must reflect it. The style and image is most important

because it will be the first impression the visitor has of your website, and thus of your business.

SEO Architech is dedicated in incorporating the style and image you want on your site. We will incorporate the appropriate colors, logos, balance of text, graphics and open space, compelling marketing techniques, and the flow of complete, relevant information intended to lead the visitor to take the action desired by the client, mostly to convert the visitor into a customer.

The style image Navigational interactivity is conveyed across all devices including mobile phones due to the highly responsive nature of SEO Architech’s website designs.

SEO Architech’s uses the latest in website design technologies to make sure the client’s website is most effective in converting prospects into customers. For example, SEO Architech uses sophisticated heat mapping technologies that can tell the Webdesigner exactly where on a web page the visitor most often looks to make sure appropriate copy and graphics are at that same, exact point on the page.

Whatever style and image you, the client, wants to convey, it is SEO Architech’s job to make sure it is implemented in a clear and compelling way for your website’s visitors.

In the Internet Marketing/SEO world of today, and for all of the conceivable future, it has been well established that content is king.  Before making their purchases, millions of potential customers are daily reading relevant purchase making information on the Internet.  In fact, 50% of the time people spend online is simply reading content.

The content you put out there on the Internet through your website must be relevant, timely, expansive, and informative to your visitors in such a manner that it facilitates the conversion of those visitors into buyers. And equally as important, it must all be done in an SEO friendly way so that your customers can find you and your relevant content in the easiest manner possible.

To begin with, all of your online content must be consistent and marketing orientated.  For example, most websites neglect the importance of using marketing copy in their title and description tags.  Your site’s title tags and description tags contain the information content the search engines show to the public before they even click onto your website. That is prime ad space that is often neglected. SEO Architech will strive for compelling and customer converting copy being the first thing a prospect sees when they read the content you display on the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others.

Have you ever thought about what is the ultimate aim of your website?  Sure, it is to generate additional revenues, but how?  Like all direct marketing copy, the purpose of your site is to generate specific, desirable actions by your visitors in a clear, easy and compelling way.
Whether the specific action you want your potential customers to take on your website is a phone call, a request for more information, or even an online purchase, SEO Architech will make sure that throughout your website it will be clear to any visitor what action you would like them to take with the use of strategically placed call to action buttons.  Call to action buttons make it easy by directing the visitor to simply click to engage with your business.


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