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Process and Projects

SEO Architech’s mission is to provide each and every client with Internet Marketing solutions precisely engineered to deliver the results the client wants.  Projects differ from all sorts of industries and professions.  We design for Each of our Projects a strategy that is know by testing and case study that works. 

To learn how you can create and implement effectively an Internet Marketing strategy that works for you including high response Web design ( mobile), with high quality SEO, Local SEO, Social Media & Reputation Management, and more,

Process: Analysis, keyword Strategy, Optimize Website, Optimized content, Build link popularity, Social media integration, Conversion Optimization




SEO Architech took on an auto insurance agency client who once heavily relied upon the yellow pages to get phone calls from qualified leads.  He had a dated website online, but it was more of an online business card so he could tell others at least he had a website. 


In other words, the website was not part of an overall Internet marketing strategy to bring in more phone calls from more potential customers.

SEO Architech initiated a conversation to first find out the intent of the Insurance Agent’s Internet marketing campaign.  It was clear that the client wanted the Internet, like how he once used the yellow pages, to simply bring him more calls from qualified prospects.  More calls would mean more sales.

SEO Architech began with looking at this client’s current website situation.  The most glaring problem, the website was not mobile phone friendly.  as of November 2016, 51.3% of people searching online ONLY use their mobile phones.  So the site had to be made responsive to all devices used for searching online, particularly mobile phones.
We also realize that the site needs well written and designed content, colorization and graphics to get the desired response of phone calls.  The headline in the header needs to clearly say why a prospect should consider calling and call have compelling information related to your business on your site to encourage your client to act, and make the call Today!!.  The website needs clear call to action buttons (click here to call) placed strategically throughout the website.  To achieve this effectively. Then..   Credibility copy like testimonials, professional affiliations, etc. Help support trust and engagement letting the clients know who you are and what your company is all about.

Of course your overall image and style needs to be incorporated into the website, and branding maintained with proper balance of appropriate colors, images, text, logos, and white space.  Designed to lead a visitor to take the action the you want most, in this case, make a phone call.

Once the website, responsive for desktops, notebooks and mobile phones, is built around the owner’s intent of more phone calls, the site was then made SEO friendly through a variety of techniques like keyword balance and density, properly written title and description tags that show up well on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, then social media buttons are interlinked for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to build quality interactivity, associations and links from reputable sites like these, then, all coding errors repaired, all graphics tagged properly with SEO friendly titles, and much, much more.  A plan for site expansion is created and implemented according to proposal, with intent to organically add landing pages targeting geographic locations the business serves with the products and services keywords or whatever is truly best for your site, which would be defined in our agreement to construct.
The next step is keyword research.  What products and services do you want to rank for or is best for your market share after we do research, and in what geographical areas.  Then research is done to find out what keywords actually are typed into the search engines, and filtered by conversion probability / Traffic volume.  Then we fine tune your website to these keywords to ensure proper promotion of the desired result to sell and where the product/service needs to be sold.  Of course, analytic software are installed on the website to allow tracking, evaluating, and course correcting of your site and Internet marketing campaign.

Once the site is approved by client, it goes live to market,  we begin to do a range of off page SEO work like registering, filling out with SEO friendly content consistently to the relevant directories, and then verifying with all the major search engine local directories like Google Places and Bing Local. 

Link building from other quality, relative sites like YouTube, Facebook and other reputable, relevant sites are commenced in a variety of ways.  Also, citation building in local directories that is planned is implemented.

The power listings method is employed to focus on building backlinks from quality sites along with citations.  It improves TrustRank of the website and eventually improves rankings with Google, Yahoo! and Bing. 
Other SEO friendly tactics are used like making sure social media is constructively integrated into the Internet marketing campaign.  Also, a reputation management program should be initiated to respond quickly to negative reviews and ethically encourage happy customers in posting positive ones.  Other online promotional techniques available to be considered are implementing coupon blasts and other short term promotions.

While SEO Architech maintains your Internet marketing campaign it will be constantly measured, the data analyzed, and recommendations implemented to improve search engine rankings as well as conversion improved by visibility to potential customers into actual phone calls, the intent of the most Internet marketing campaigns. 

SEO Architech can provide you with an highly engineered online solution by looking at each individual component in precise detail and designing how all these components should fit together holistically for your internet marketing plan to deliver the highest result in achieving more wanted phone calls!


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