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Social media sites like Facebook, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp!, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. has become part of the daily lives of millions and millions.  In fact, 30% of all of the time people spend online is on the social media sites.  It is therefore essential in any winning Internet marketing strategy to make sure your business, and your business’ website, is integrated with these social media sites in an effective, easy to use manner to promote your products and services.

SEO Architech can integrate your site with social media by making it easy for your happy customers (or fans as they are called in the industry) to positively promote your business on your site with the social media buttons of the major social sites.  For example, the installed Facebook button makes it easy for your website visitor to go to your Facebook page and make a positive comment.  The search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing highly value the mentioning of your business and your business’ site on these social media sites, thus improving your rankings and visibility to the public.
Not only do the search engines value the positive content, whether it be articles, videos, photos, positive reviews, etc., displayed across all social media, the public who sees this positive content will learn to trust your business.  The greater their trust, the more revenues will be generated. 

SEO Architech offers a full setup of all your social media needs as well as support to be successful and effective when engaging with your market.  It is very important that the content, including written articles, videos, photos, etc., submitted to the social media sites is integrated with your entire Internet marketing strategy and meets all best practices criteria.  Posting content the wrong way can actually hurt business and search engine rankings.
Not only can SEO Architech help you with social media, we also offer reputation management in relation to reporting so that interactions are simple timely and you are aware of the reviews that are being made.  Bad reviews across the Internet are obviously bad for business.  We can help you encourage the promotion of your business by helping ensure that your business is promoted positively across the web, and if someone does write a negative review it can be addressed quickly before potential business may be lost.

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