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SEO Architech knows what it takes to increase a website’s PageRank.  SEO Architech is also committed to increasing the PageRank of all of its Projects by strictly adhering to all search engine guidelines or, what is commonly referred to in the industry, using White Hat SEO techniques only. 


The main way to increase PageRank is making sure the client’s website receives links from only high quality sites (sites with a high PageRank) that are relevant.  For example, a local plumber’s website that had a link from an established regional plumbing supply company with a high PageRank site is an example of a valuable link that would positively affect the client’s PageRank.  The more of these types of links are created, the better the overall PageRank.
Another issue that comes up often in PageRank is that client may have many bad links, links from sites that have low or even zero PageRank and/or have no relevancy.  These bad backlinks must be removed.  It can be challenging to remove bad backlinks since the webmasters of each site must be contacted to remove the bad link and there can be literally thousands of them to remove, What is first and most important is to identify and disavow, them remove as much as possible.

There are other factors that affect PageRank which
SEO Architech can address these.

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