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SEO Architech EngineeringSEO Architech is unique in that it looks at each of our client’s Internet marketing campaigns as an engineering project. and, like any good engineer, make sure all of these components work holistically together to achieve the goals of the Projects’ Internet marketing Success.

Like all successful engineering projects, SEO Architech begins with the end in mind.  In other words, what is the desired outcome the client wants from his or her Internet campaign?  For example, does the client want more phone calls from qualified prospects?  Does the client want to simply increase the number of the Qualified Buyers to the site?  Does the client want an increase in a request for more information from potential buyers?  Or does the client want to engage directly with his or her customers by selling online?

Once SEO Architech is clear on the aims of the client’s Internet marketing campaign, we can then draw up an engineering blueprint that addresses each and every component of Their Local SEO, Social Media, Internet marketing and determine how it applies to each client’s case.


We make sure your all of your website’s design elements are properly incorporating the appropriate style and image for your business.  We also make sure the site is responsive to all devices, especially including mobile phones.  We ensure the marketing copy is designed to convert visitors into customers by leading them to take desired action steps.  We make sure strategically placed call to action buttons are integrated properly into the website.  Of course the site has to be completely SEO friendly including social media buttons for proper linking with the social media campaign.

Also, we need to make sure the Internet marketing strategy is constantly updated and in complete alignment with the latest updates from all the major search engines such as Google’s Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, were released shortly after this business was launched and much as evolved since. below is a link to a great documentation of history.

Link to Wikipedia Timeline with article resources related to Googles Algorithm updates

We always we strictly abide by all ethical, best practices (what the Industry refers to as White Hat SEO) when developing any strategy for any client.  By closely following all search engine guidelines, we’ll eventually develop trust with the search engines which is a hugely important ranking factor.
We make sure you are listed properly on all the local directories like Google Places, Bing Local, and a host of others.  We must make sure the information throughout the Internet is accurate, consistent, and promotional for your business.

We pay close attention in link building.  We only create links from reputable, relevant sites to increase domain authority with the search engines.  We also remove or disavow any bad backlinks that may have been created in the past with sites the search engines will now penalize.

in addition we consider the geographic target market and the products and services the client most wants to promote in those areas.  We develop a plan for submitting content appropriately both, on the website and off, to reach those targeted areas with the client’s products and services.

We look at how social media sites integrate with the client’s Internet marketing campaign.  Are the major social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, etc. linked properly?  Are the pages designed to maintain brand consistency? Are the the article, video, and graphic posting appropriate, timely and, of course, SEO friendly?

We look at the overall reputation the client has across the Internet.  We must address bad reviews and ethically, and within reputation site’s guidelines, promote more positive reviews.

Are we taking advantage of the latest opportunities to increase visibility on the searches with rich snippets, well written and customer converting title and description tags, videos, and photos?

We must consider a host of other factors.  For example, would coupon blasts be appropriate?  How about launching a well-managed campaign Today? 

There are many, many factors that go into a well-managed and effective Internet marketing campaign.  SEO Architech understands what it takes for its Projects to win online.

SEO Architech would be happy to show YOU what it will take for your business to win.

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