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SEO Architech does extensive keyword research, analysis and implementation for all of our SEO Projects. It is no simple task.  SEO Architech calls it Keyword Balance Engineering. Not only do the keywords that qualified prospects actually type must be identified, they also have to be balanced by how often they are used.  The site must use keywords that are not used too much or too little and need to be considered for Semantic as well as for Voice Search. For example, if a client is selling real estate in Fort Lauderdale, the keyword “Real Estate” is used by millions and makes sense to optimize your site for that keyword since it is the center of your market share, there could be Thousands of websites competing for it, and only a well engineered full campaign can reach markets like this but and in addition.. in the early stages or if results are needed with a lower engagement, then, on the other hand, if the keyword was “4th and Main, Ft. Lauderdale”, there would be no competition for the keyword but also no one would ever type it making any time, making the ranking target easy to hit but low producing. The solution is in the balance, while working for the center focus traffic for the relevant market share, example  The keyword “Fort Lauderdale Real Estate” would be a balance of popularity and competition that in fact would be worth optimizing for the site, with GEO and Primary Profession relevance.

The search engines also have their rules for how often keywords can be used on web pages.  A site with not enough might not get indexed for that keyword on Google, Yahoo!, Bing or the other major search engines.  A site with too many of a particular keyword could be penalized for what the industry calls keyword stuffing. there are many subtle and somewhat advanced perspectives and techniques related of which we have our own advanced proprietary method for utilizing the website structure, embeds, graphics and code structure to give your site the best advantage for the desired and agreed keywords that we are building to rank your site for.


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